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Thursday, January 14th, 2010
2:44 pm - Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Well it's just you and me tonight again. I cannot believe that I'm still
dateless. I know I'm only 17 but I need a date or I'll explode. I miss
the touch and the taste of another woman. What I wouldn't give to be
able right now to put my tongue on a nice, soft pussy and suck on it. I
want to watch as she wriggles around on her bed as I bring her to
orgasm. I want to put my tongue into her and taste her come as it flows
out of her. Is this to much to ask, diary? I guess the answer is yes, at
least tonight.

I went into my underwear drawer and pulled out my dildo, the one
Jennifer gave me. We shared some good times with it. I miss her. I miss
the way she used to brush the whisps of hair from my face and how she
used to kiss me. But I guess she's putting her lips on another girl
tonight. Bitch! But I still love her, and think about her. I slipped
naked beneath my cool sheets and started to rub the dildo up and down my
slit. Looking down, I could see the dildo's shape through my blanket as
it worked its magic. When I was wet enough, I slipped it into me,
feeling the grooves as it slid past my clit. I thought of Jennifer and I
moved this rubber intruder in and out of me quickly. My walls started to
spasm and I knew I was close. I took the dildo out and started rubbing
it on my clit. It was like an electric shock went through me. i know my
clitoris is sensitive but tonight, it was even more so. Before I was
wanting it, I climaxed, creating a pool of my juice under me. My vaginal
contracions continued for another minute as I felt myself still oozing
my girl-come. Well that's what happened tonight. I am going to sleep
now and dream about my Princess Charming.


I watched Kathy again from my window. I don't know if she is aware that
I can see her but I don't care. That woman is amazing looking! I can't
believe that she's 12 yrs older than me. I have seen her with a man but
never with a woman. But I can dream!! As I watched Kathy, I slid off my
jeans and my panties and turned out all my lights. I could see her
undress in her window and I began to touch myself. My crotch became wet
almost right away and I could smell my aroma on my fingers. My sparse,
blonde public hairs were matted to my skin. As Kathy started to change
for bed, I spread my lips apart as far as I could get them. I looked
down and saw my clitoris jutting out and totally engorged.

I could feel an orgasm building in me as my fingers worked on my
screaming, sopping pussy. I started to moan as my cunt felt like it was
on fire. My parents were out at dinner so tonight I could be as loud as
I pleased. I started panting as I could see Kathy in her room slipping
on her nightee. My fingers went into overdrive and I shouted as I came,
just as she looked out the window to pull her blinds. My legs shook as I
came hard. I lay there, legs askew, panties at my ankles and my fingers
covered in my honey. I tasted myself and let my fingers linger in my
mouth. I tell you diary, there is nothing better than a good orgasm!
Unless it's with another woman. Hopefully tomorrow.

more at kategrace lesbian dating blog

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Monday, April 16th, 2007
9:08 am - ((Newbie posting))

((Although this community seems to be... a little less than active, I thought I'd give it a go. I don't RP much but... I think this'll help me get Ares' character straight in my head a little more!))

*outside the front door*

Ares looked up at the door and readjusted the box in his arms to knock. Unlike most people, who would have packed mostly clothes when moving to a new place, Ares had packed books instead. His suitcase beside him only had enough clothes to last him the week and he imagined he’d be acquainting himself with the washing machine pretty soon. They might even get to be on first name terms by the end of the week.

But the books were more important. How could he leave his Steinbeck novels? Or his books about ancient Greek statues? Or the various essays written by famous classicists and printed out and archived over the years?

Maybe he was a bit of a geek. Ares could handle that. He didn’t mind if people thought that of him, because chances were, he’d end up sat in his room reading most of the time anyway. Well, unless there was the off chance that someone actually liked him in this place.

Sighing, Ares knocked again, wondering if there was anyone around to answer the door.

current mood: hopeful

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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
9:20 pm - OOC: Revival?

Well guys, this seemed to be a happen' spot at one time! I know some of the older members may miss it and some of the newer members miss what it could be. :D Anyone else wanna try and make this a game again?

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Thursday, July 20th, 2006
11:55 pm - ((Where is everyone?))

((Aww no-one is posting T_T I'd start another RP post but my first one has only just started :( There's plenty of people watching this community so where are ya all? *looks around*))

current mood: sad

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Monday, July 17th, 2006
11:14 pm - Arrival

*The Yard*
Softly floating down from the sky itself, Allete touched down gently and her soft white dress rested on the lush green grass beneath her bare feet. The first thing she acknowledged was the scent of the flowers and water nearby. Allete smiled absent-mindedly and approached the flower-beds.

"How lovely ..." she said quietly.

She sat down on her knees, her dress flared out around her as she took in the sweet smell of roses and tulips, tending to them and softly touching the velvet petals. Allete began picking a few white roses with long-stems and started making a garlend while humming to herself.

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Thursday, March 16th, 2006
11:30 pm - Two more newcomers

Marius strode slowly towards the door, his own and Eric's bags slung over his shoulder. He glanced impatiently back to where his younger brother was struggling out the back of the cab. Sighing, he shook his head.

"Come on, Eric! We haven't got all day!"

The auburn-haired youth pushed hair out of his eyes and blushed furiously, finally disentangling his guitar case from his leather coat and managing to exit the back seat of the cab in less-than-elegant fashion. His soft green eyes furiously studied the ground as he awkwardly jogged to join his brother, the guitar case banging painfully into his crippled right leg.

Marius watched him wordlessly. His cool lavender eyes betrayed nothing of any emotions he might have felt at his brother's halting progress. Once, Eric was a study of grace, pure poetry in motion, but now....

He shook his head. Better not to think of such things.

He turned away impatiently even before Eric could catch up to him, and peremptorily rang the doorbell.

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Sunday, February 19th, 2006
4:31 am - Just arriving...!

((Front door, then living room!))

Evangeline walked towards the front door, a meaningful sway in her hips. Her short blakc hair was pulle dinto a very short pony tail in the back of her head. Her 'family' (Augh, could she call them that?) had sent her to this house... as a gesture of good will. Her 'mother' had said she'd better get away from Miette for a little while so they didn't kill eachother. Evangeline's eye twitches somewhat as she thought about Miette... the little...

She held a bag in each hand, and one slung over her shoulder. She wouldn't leave unless she had almost all of her effects. At the door, she set down one bag, and tooka quick drag off of the ciggarette in her mouth. Recently she'd begun smokign ciggarattes rather than cigars... becuase Mother had said cigars were the worst thign for you. So, that made ciggarettes less worse, and shut mother up for at least a little while. She contomplated knocking... the decided barging in was more her style.

She opened the door slightly, picked up her bag and kicked the door open the rest of the way. She saw a few people in the living room, and glanced at each of them.

"Hi." She said around the ciggarette in her mouth. SHe hefted her things into the room and kicked the door shut again. She dropped all of her bags onto the floor and adjusted her cothes a bit before taking another drag off of her smoke. "We can smoke in here, right?" She asked, glancing around at the, as of current, silent parties.

She was a bit of a picture. She wore a pair of what looked to be black boys shorts which reached her knees. Straps that seemed like they should have been attached to something hung down and nearly brushed the ground. On her feet were rather large platform black boots, untied of course. She wore an off the shoulder, orange and black striped long sleeve shirt with a black spaghetti strap shirt over it that stated, 'NO.' in bold print. Her nails were currently painted a lively orange color.

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Saturday, February 18th, 2006
1:11 pm - Vals Entrance

*Front Door*

He stood in front of the large door quitely smoking a cigarette. His left eyebrow raised as a thought suddenly struck him. What if this is one of those non-smoking places? I suppose I ought to get rid of this... He took one last drag and flicked the cigarette off the front porch. He then thought better of it, back tracked, picked up the still smoking butt, and tossed it into the street. Thats better... After all, first impressions are everything...Aren't they?

He then found himself once again standing infront of that large door. He inhaled...Exhaled, and turned the knob. He managed to place a somewhat akward smile on his face upon entering. Quietly closing the door he stood there simply taking everything in. This place was big. Real big...

Well...I guess its time to turn on that charm.

The akward smile was quickly replaced by another. A smile of genuine mischief.

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Thursday, February 16th, 2006
10:41 pm - at the front door

"OK. Here I go!"
Hiroshi steps up to the stoop. He notices the nice arrangement of plants and flowers and stops to enjoy it. He is nervous. Hiroshi hasn't met anyone in so long, he doesn't really know what to do. So many things are going through his head. HE breaths in a deep breath, then picks his things up to step in. He stops "am i supposed to knock? Do I just walk in?" He looks around hoping someone else will come. "I'll just walk in. Wait, should I take off my shoes? I should, but if someone sees me without shoes with they make fun of me? I DON'T KNOW AMERICAN CULTURE!"
He starts breathing hard.


His luggage keeps getting heavier and heavier. He finally lifts the heals on his shoes and starts to open the door, when someone walks by from the inside. " O.O What do I do?" His temperature rises then lowers and He feels faint. He usually isn't this way, but this is so foreign to him. He steps off of the door ledge. The shape gets closer to the door...

current mood: nervous

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6:54 pm - *The Kitchen*

Biianca poked her head into the kitchen shyly. Good, it seems like there aren't that many people in this room, she thought to herself. She crossed over its threshold fully, clutching a notebook to herself in both hands, and crossed the floor to the kitchen table. No one seemed to be sitting at it and so she made herself at home. She took off her shoes and placed them neatly beside her chair, curling her feet up under her in an indian-style sit. She bowed her head shyly and flipped through the scribbled and scrawled on pages of the notebook, stopping at one that only looked half full.

"Why am I here...?" she mumbled to herself with a protruding lower lip. Bii's friend Nikki had been bugging her for the past month to get out of the house and meet some people. All she ever did was stay inside, writing and reading. If she DID get out of the house, it was only to mosey around the yard and find a more comfortable spot to proceede her literary musings in. She'd finally given way to her friend's nagging and wound up at this place.

She heaved a distraught sigh. She wasn't sure if she wanted to be there or not. Indeed, it would be nice to have some company, but she'd been a loner ever since she was small. Well...no matter. She was there now. She took the pen that had been balanced on the top of her ear and tapped it lightly on the page that she'd opened to. Shortly she was back in her plane of concentration and began writing.

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9:07 pm - *Entering the living room*

A young, delicate looking elf boy dressed in straight glittery black trousers and white blouse wanders in through the door and dumps his luggage on the floor, looking around himself curiously. He'd been sent there by his guardian to "find some friends of his own kind". His shy, turquouse eyes catch several nice details of the place. Absentmindedly his hand moves to push some stray silvery curls behind his ear. Quite an unruly wavy cloud that hair is - all the way down his back. His hair is beautiful silver except one stripe of electric blue trailing down the side of his face. His hand starts to play with his earring made of turquouse stones - a sign of nervousness. He really dislikes beginnigs, the precise moment when you can't be sure of what is coming around the corner. He'd most likely enjoy his stay here, but still... He takes a deep breath and calms himself. This will be fun, he assures himself.

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
8:56 pm - Hey!


Just pumping the community a little. I think we should have an event of some sort...a ball? :3 Does that sound good?))

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
4:56 pm - The Living Room

((Okay... CLEAR!! *shoooock* Just reactivating this. :3))

The Living Room

An elven maiden, noticing her charge has fallen asleep, slowly rises to her feet. Her long, snow white hair flutters as she walks quietly over to the windowseat, tapping her way there, and listens for someone to talk with.

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Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
11:06 pm - *The Wood*

Three young women emerge from the woods. Two of them are distinctly otherworldly; youthful--even childlike--in face and form, they exude wisdom and self-possession. The third member in the party is clearly an adolescent. She is quiet, sulky, and just a touch angry.

"It doesn't feel right being here," Aislinn murmurs. "My sisters are still at that horrid foster care facility. Shouldn't we wait until after the hearing... y'know, when they'll be with us?"

Cadence Illyria slants her ward a silencing glance. In an even tone, she replies, "Enough. We've discussed this issue, and it is done. Your sisters will join us when the courts grant me their guardianship. I promise you, Linna, that it is just a matter of when, not if. Now," she continues in a softer voice, "I brought you here because I want you to relax. You've been under a lot of strain, and making yourself ill serves no purpose."

"Besides, I've heard there're some hot guys here, m'friend! Once they see your pretty face, how can they resist? And trust me, there is nothing like a nice, loooong kiss to take your mind off troubles!" Tambre is grinning playfully as Aislinn's cheeks burn with embarrassment. Cady merely shakes her head at her cousin as they approach the home.

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
10:31 pm - *In the Garden*

Raven draped over porcelain shoulders, azure eyes piercing studying the skies above. A 'death stick' placed neatly between glossy, slightly parted lips. Mizuiro dressed in red, the color of power, arrogance, love. His black leather pants, clung jealously to his slightly curvy hips. His sleeveless top sliding off a shoulder, teasing, and taunting. Gardens have always appealed to him, the budding flowers, the crisp air, and especially the birds, their song sent an unusual calm through him. But today he was not yearning to be calm, today he was looking for someone to 'play with'. He put out the cigarette, the corner's of his lips curving upwards as if being pulled by invisible strings. The look in his eyes was predatory, yet a sort of obscure sweetness was portrayed in the rest of his refined features. His mind has been plagued by memories of the past lately, and all he wanted to do is to rid of them by occupying his mind elsewhere. He has this sinking feeling that just refuses to cease. Enough of that. He let himself drop into the green grass, legs and arms sprawled, sooner or later someone is bound to come into the garden, and he'll be waiting, he's been lonely far too long. Taking another cigarrete from his pocket he placed it in his mouth, he didn't light it though, he was distraced by the floating clouds above and a memory he thought was long lost...

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6:15 pm

*The Living Room*

Michael explored the room and was immediatly drawn to the bookshelf. Having moved as much as he had in the past he had never carried more than a few possesions but he was never without a good book. And now before him were shelves full of books that he could read whenever he liked. He closed his eyes and reached out letting fate make his choice. He pulled out the first book he touched and then opened his eyes and studied it's cover. It had no title, no picture on the front, nothing to clue him in on the subject matter. He sat down on one of the cushions scattered about the room and opened to the first page.

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3:52 pm

Anika stepped into the large house and looked around, a little taken aback by the size. She walked through the foyer and into the living room, looking around in amazement of all the entertainment it provided. Suddenly her stomach rumbled its protest and she looked around ashamed to see if anyone had noticed. Spying a kitchen past the living room she gave smiled and forced herself to not break into a run.

Arrving in the kitchen she paused only momentarily to take in all in before she lept at the fridge and wrenched the door open. Surveying the stocked fridge the smile on her face quickly turned to a frown. "I was hoping there would be strawberries,"she muttered to herself. Slowly closing the fridge she stood up and looked around, wondering if there was anyway for her to obtain any.

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6:55 pm - First try...

*The yard*
A very pale girl steps in the ground without shoes, those were being held by her long and soft fingers. She smiled, feeling the green on her feets. She has pretty red lips and deep green eyes, they are so deep that, if you look into them, you feel like they are calling you and grabing you. Her hair is short and curly, even paler than her skin. You can't tell if it is blond or white at all. She starts to look around, seeking for somone, but she can't find anyone. She sighs.
"I guess no one is in here.... I'd better read a little bit so I won't get bored." - so, she takes a small book from the pocket of her long green dress, you can read "Cruel Fairy Tales" in the title, she sits on the ground, oppening the small object slowly, then, she starts to read the tiny words while wondering where everyone could be.

(I did it right?)

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
12:04 am - A Start!

((Hello! Welcome to the BJD Dating Community! You've obviously read our rules and regulations- if you haven't, please read it THOUROUGHLY before posting. :) My lovely assistant kimber_rose and I are going to be doing an example thread of how this works. :) ))

*The Living Room* ((First, state your place. This can be done in the Subject head, too. :))

Adelais entered the living room from the kitchen, his slippers brushing the floor tiredly with the night, his layered black hair hanging in his face, and a mug of hot chocolate cupped in his hands.

"I'm cold..." He murmured. ((Please put all dialogue in written form, not like a screenplay.))

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Monday, October 31st, 2005
11:33 pm - The Profile Thread

Here are the Profiles of the Lovely singles...........!

Please respond by replying, and filling this out...
Profile form!Collapse )

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